How I became a sex worker and pornstar - Meet Sharinami

We would love to welcome Sharinami, who has become a brand ambassador for Smooci.

My pornstar name is Sharinami. I am proud and excited to start working with Smooci as a brand ambassador.

I want to tell you about me and how I became a sex worker and pornstar.

I started cam work when I was still a teenager, about to turn 19. I had friends in my neighbourhood doing cam work, and they talked about how it gave them money and security for their families. It was a bit strange and scary at first, but after chatting and getting to know my audience, I realised many people watching me were nice and wanted to compliment and support me. I soon started getting a lot of offers to meet for sex. Eventually, I decided to give it a go and try sex work.

I arranged to meet my first clients privately, but I felt intimidated and nervous, and soon I joined an escort agency - this was in 2018. Working with the agency gave me the initial courage and support to get started, but it wasn’t until I became a freelance worker that I truly began to have freedom and enjoy this work. I have to say; it wasn’t purely about the sex or the money—Yes, I get compensated with money for this work, but I loved that it helped me plan a career and future ahead.

One of the perks of being an escort is that clients share their feelings and life stories, and I was able to know why they chose to book an escort. I enjoy getting to know new people and having this level of intimacy. I learned from each client I met! I heard different stories and as time went by, I fully understood that sex work does matter. It’s more than just sex, it’s a career, therapy, a means of human connection and intimacy which can change a life.

When the Pandemic hit, like many, my life was turned upside down, and I could not work at first. I shifted back to doing cam work and then found some sites I could sell content on. I never expected much to come of it, but my content started selling fast, and I quickly grew in popularity. I must be blessed, as I was worried about my future during the pandemic, but before long, my content sales were giving me a living once again.

I am not sure what the secret to my popularity was, but people think it is easy to create sex content; on the contrary, it isn’t. I need to give most of my time and effort to create these videos and thinking about what concept I should do or what I should wear. While as an escort, I had to connect and understand one person at a time. As a content creator, you must meet the needs and desires of 1,000s of people all at once. You also need to keep the content exciting and fresh. It is a constant challenge but something I enjoy.

Why did I choose to be a Smooic ambassador?

While working as an escort for an agency in 2018, we used a booking platform called Smooci. It was a game-changer for us. It was innovative and easy to use. Our bookings doubled and clients were always praising the service. I also realized that it helped independents as much as agency workers. While there are still benefits to working for an agency, it’s no longer a necessity for new escorts. Smooci gives escorts the tools, freedom and safety to work independently. This is something which has changed the industry in Manila. It helps people grow a positive reputation and highlights the good workers while also giving clients valuable info and insight.

Fast forward to 2023, I was thrilled that Smooci offered me to become their Ambassador. In my head, I’m saying, finally! I can share my journey with Smooci again. They are helping to support my content and allowing me to share my experiences, and also I can give my feedback about how Smooci can grow and move forward.

Having control over how I work and my future is something I wasn’t sure I’d ever have, but I have been blessed. This is one of the reasons I appreciate and support what Smooci do, and how they offer sex workers independence, trust, and support.

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