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Independent Escorts on Smooci

We are happy to announce we can now allow freelance escorts to advertise on Smooci.
Our new Escort app aims to give independent Escorts the same tools, support, and exposure to
compete with the top agencies and take total controls of their working life.

The Smooci Escort App

Escorts can advertise on Smooci by way of our Escort app. This app allows you to create and manage
your profile and bookings with total control, setting up a profile in seconds, with no need to create
new ads or bump existing ones, even when traveling to new cities, simply click live to go online and
be seen by 1,000s of clients, and click offline when you aren’t available to work.
When online, bookings come direct to the app (also alerting you via SMS), and as well as receiving
confirmed bookings, with no need for endless chat or negotiations, you will also receive client info,
showing you if someone is a new or a regular user, whether they are a free or premium member,
and you’ll even get an average rating score out of 5 which they have received from other Escorts
they have met.

Advertise on Smooci for free!

We believe in fair pricing and that you should keep the money that you earn. Escorts have a choice
of a free account or a premium account (with pricing for premiums at $25/week $50/month). We
don’t take any cut or fee from the bookings you make (clients pay direct to the Escort).
Free Escort accounts get the first 3 bookings without any restrictions, and then they are limited to 1
booking every 72 hours, while premium escort accounts get unlimited bookings. So if you are just an
occasional user, or have several other sources of clients, you can advertise on Smooci without having
to pay a single cent.

How to advertise on Smooci

To be an Escort on Smooci simply contact us via Email or Line and request a link to our app. Please
note that the app is currently only available for Android phones due to Apple’s strict rules against
adult apps.

Contact us here: smoociapp (LINE), or Email address (
Or click here for more details

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