I am the senior developer at and will be regularly updating you guys with our product updates. We are currently in our soft launch stage and would like to take this opportunity to explain what is and hopefully clear any doubts you guys may have.

We have recently launched and would like to create a better interface for all (users, independents, agencies)

The goal for is to be able to make your companion bookings seamless while also enjoying the ability to track your companion right to your door.

Another big feature of is that 90% of your bookings (after completing booking process) will actually be completed as our live availability API allows us to determine who is actually available. For the platform to achieve a higher number of successful bookings, we have tweaked the system so that you are only allowed to book 4 hours in advance rather than 24 hours. By changing the max advance booking duration from 24 hours to 4 hours max, we were able to increase rate of successful bookings from 80% to 90%

We will be launching a huge update in the next 8-10 weeks and with this update, the rate of successful bookings will be close to 100%. Once you have completed the booking process on, there will be a 95-98% (assuming correct and accurate details provided during booking process) probability that your booking will be confirmed and that your companion will turn up at your door. If for any reason, the booking fails after you complete the booking process, you will be notified immediately and will just have to repeat the booking process on

Along with this big update we will also see a lot more independent companions on the system.

Again, I would like to reiterate the fact that we want to build a transparent platform that improves the overall level of service, makes it easy to select, book, and track your companion.

Please also note that we are not an escort agency. We are simply a powerful platform where companions / agencies can join.

Once we have collected enough reviews (in 2-3 weeks I hope, with your support) we will be displaying the star ratings of each companion. This will change the game as companions will know that they will be reviewed and their feedback score directly affects their bookings. Our results page algorithm will also display top results based on these ratings along with other variables that our algorithm will take into consideration. The algorithm is complex, but involves variables, such as responsiveness, travel time, punctuality, distance traveled, and most important of all feedback scores.

A lot of tweaks will be released on to the platform based on feedback from all. We are a young startup and we do listen, so please drop us an email.

We have also had lots of questions about how come the discounts are possible. I would like to comment and say that these are not discounts -- we are just redefining the industry as a whole and reducing unnecessary agency processing fees.

How are we able to redefine the industry and greatly reduce agency fees? AUTOMATION - we greatly reduce the amount of processing required by automating the whole process.

Lastly, has been made with love, please be kind to us as we try to redefine the industry in a positive way.

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