Photo Verification

One of the biggest challenges Smooci faces in a quest to create a better companion booking platform is to tackle the issue of photoshopping. Photoshopping and photo accuracy is a problem not just on Smooci but evident throughout the escort industry. It's common practice for agencies and independents to have creative license over the editing of the photos they display, but in so many cases the level of photoshopping and professional editing creates misleading images, to the extent where many escort photos are a false representation of how that escort looks in person.

To help tackle this issue and give more control to the user, we have now introduced a user photo verification system:

The rating and review link, which users receive once a booking is complete, now allows you to verify a companion's photos, voting 'yes' or 'no' on whether each photo is an accurate representation of the companion you just met.

Once a photo has received 5 votes we will act on the results, automatically deleting any photos which have received a high majority of 'no' votes and verifying photos which receive a high percentage of 'yes' votes. Photos which are yet to receive 5 votes or have not received a conclusive result will remain unverified but visible to users.

The system will automatically update to keep these results relevant, using a refined algorithm which caters to everyone's high expectations. Our aim is for the Smooci photo verification to become a reliable benchmark for photo accuracy.

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