Smooci Live Chat

We have now launched a live chat feature to help clients and companions connect and communicate better.

The live chat helps clients to chat and make enquiries without having to place a booking. Clients can now use the chat service to negotiate on price or services, enquire about specific arrangements, or ask about details which are not covered on the Smooci profiles. The new service should help clients quickly find the companion and services which fits their needs

How does the live chat work?

When you see a companion you would like to talk to simply click the ‘chat’ button and send your message. Messages go direct to the app of the escort who is then notified by app notification and email. You can send chat messages to online and offline companions.

Replies come direct to you on the Smooci site and you will receive a pop up chat notification when a new message arrives, or an email notifications when you are not active on the Smooci site.

Chats to independents will go direct to the app of the independent, while chats to agency companions will either go direct to the companion or to the agency staff (agencies get to choose how their chats are received).

Exchange contact details

While we encourage clients and companions to continue to confirm bookings through the Smooci site, as it gives them a clear agreement and the ability to rate the experience, we do not ban clients and companions from exchanging contact details through the chat.

Why is this a premium service?

By making the chat feature a premium only service, it helps to ensure that chats come from a high percentage of genuine clients, cutting down the amount of dishonest and non-genuine chats companions typically receive from other platforms.

This helps companions to reply with more confidence and in more detail, helping clients to be taken seriously.

What’s next on Smooci?

We are now looking to start our European launches, targeting Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and Barcelona within the next 6 months. We are also looking in to the possibility of launch Smooci in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), and welcome any interested partners, clients, companions, and agencies in these areas to contact us.

In addition to more launches, we will also be adding further safety and privacy features and more verification, with an aim to better improve the photo verification system. We will also be looking build on the chat feature, including the introduction of chat settings, and welcome any feedback.

To talk to us or send your feedback please contact us via email

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