Smooci Premium Memberships

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Premium Member's service.

Our Premium Member service is designed to take your booking and companion experience to a whole new level, giving you even more control and information so you can find the perfect date and avoid those disappointments.

Please also note that if you don't wish to become a premium member you can still use Smooci to search and book companions free of charge.

What do Smooci Premium Members get?

Access to all Smooci comments - This was in big demand and you can now see all unedited comments on the companions profiles. Unlike many escort and agency websites, we show all the comments left by users and will never edit or hide comments just because they describe a negative experience. Along with the ability to see how many comments have been left, the comments really help to put the average rating score into context.

24 hour advanced booking - This is another feature a lot of users were asking for. Premium members can now book up to 24 hours in advance, helping you to plan further ahead. It's particularly useful for those who are looking to set up a date after a long haul flight, or those who have a tight schedule and want to make sure they get the right date lined up in advance.

User led photo verification - Photoshopping and inaccurate photos have been one of the main challenges we have been trying to tackle. Premium members get exclusive access to our photo verification stamps: any photo which has a 'photo verified' stamp on it will have received a very high number of 'yes' votes, by users who have completed a booking with that companion.

We have also now made 1 hour duration bookings and our GPS tracking service features which are exclusive to premium members.

The cost

We have tried to design a price structure which benefits both the long term user and the one-off visitor, as well as those looking to use our service on the occasional week/month-long-vacation. Our launch membership fees are as follows:

3 day membership = $9.99
7 day membership = $14.99
1 month membership = $24.99
1 year membership = $99.99

Payments can be made with VISA or Mastercard, and all transactions will show up discreetly.

We only charge non-recurring payments, so we will never re-bill you on any payments you make to Smooci.

To become a Premium Member, or learn more about the benefits, please click here

Standard Members (free memberships)

If you don't wish to buy a Premium Membership don't worry, you will still be able to use the Smooci services for free.

Standard Members can still use our system to search through all Smooci companions, seeing all the same companions and their average rating, and receiving the same rates as Premium Members.

Standard members can still make bookings up to 4 hours in advance, for durations of 2-24 hours.

While Standard members cannot see the photo verification stamps, the photo verification system will still work to benefit all members, instantly removing any photos which have been deemed in accurate (receiving a high percentage of 'no' votes).

What's next for Smooci?

We are getting very close to being able to launch our 'companion's app'. This app will allow freelancers and independent escorts to join our platform, and promises to add many more companions, with greater variety and even more competitive rates.

We are also edging closer to our Singapore launch, so watch this space!

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