SMS Verification and Notifications

We are happy to announce we've now switch to an SMS verification and notification system, which will make bookings faster and easier to confirm.

Once you have filled in your booking details and are ready to confirm your booking you will now be taking through our simple SMS verification.

All you need to do is put in an active mobile number (it doesn't need to be a local mobile number, it only needs to have an active mobile with signal and be in your possession), and you will be sent a 4 digit OTP (one time password) code to your mobile, which you can then type into your booking to complete the verification process.

Once your mobile has been successfully verified you will then receive the following SMS updates:
  • An SMS to confirm that your booking has been forwarded it to the companion (PENDING STATUS)
  • An SMS to confirm the companion have agreed to your booking request (CONFIRMED STATUS)
  • An SMS to confirm your companion is on his/her way, including GPS tracking link (STARTED STATUS)
  • An SMS to confirm your booking is complete, including a rating/review link (COMPLETED STATUS)

You will also receive SMS updates:
  • If there has been an update to your booking (time, duration, or location changes)
  • If the booking is cancelled (CANCELLED STATUS)

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