Star Ratings Released

I am happy to announce that we have now added star ratings to companion profiles, ahead of schedule. This feature allows you to see the average rating score of companions who have received at least 3 reviews with a star rating.

Earlier, we were showing the ratings as soon as they have been reviewed. But from further examination, we feel it is only fair to show the ratings once there has been 3 reviews (good or bad).

Please do note that these reviews/ratings are supposed to help the platform be the best place to select your companion. Hence, there is no reason for us to tamper with the reviews, and we will never do so.

For those wondering, ratings are updated in real time.

Will we need a system where companions can contest or explain a negative review? That may be the case in the future, but as of now, a rating cannot be retracted.

The star ratings can be found under the preview pictures of a companion on the search results, or in the first line of information on a companion's profile page. Again, a rating will only show if the companion has had 3 or more reviews.

The ratings are out of 5 stars and can be given by any user who completes a booking with a companion through the smooci system. Companions with no ratings have not yet received 3 reviews from users.

While it's not compulsory for users to give reviews we encourage all users to take the time to give honest reviews of each companion experience they have. These reviews not only help users to select their companions, but they also help us to monitor the performance of companions and give companions valuable feedback.

As a future update we will be looking at ways to show full reviews of companions (with text). We will also be looking to introduce a reward and warning/suspension system for companions who get exceptionally high/low average ratings.

Upcoming releases to look out for:
- Additional filters
- Additional sort parameters

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