UK Premium Client Discounts

Smooci are dedicated to forming loyal connections between our clients and companions. On Feb 4th 2020 we will be introducing, exclusive discounted rates for premium clients in the UK. Companions still have the freedom to set and adjust their own rates, the discount will be automatically applied for premium clients.

Premium clients will see the following discounted rates when making a booking:


15-45 mins no discount
1-3 hours discount - £5
4-8 hours discount - £10
10-15 hours discount - £15
24 hours discount - £20

Why are you giving premium clients discounts?

The new discount system is aimed at encouraging more clients to become premium members. Through becoming a premium member, this helps indicate a client is genuine, and in the subsequent bookings, we can quickly mark those clients as being trusted and verified.

We recently trialled this in Asia and found it to be a success. Not only did it help convert more clients to become premium members, and raise the quality of bookings, but it was also found that once a client became premium, they showed more loyalty and placed more bookings.

What if I don’t want to offer a discount?

We understand that some companions will not want to lower their rates, and we certainly don’t want anyone to offer rates they are not comfortable with. We have recently changed the rate increments to £5, allowing any companions not happy with the discounts, to raise their rates accordingly. However, we do appreciate any companions who don’t adjust their rates and are happy to offer these exclusive discounts, in order to help us encourage more genuine clients to become premium and trusted.

Support team update

Our passion and drive to grow Smooci has always had the safety of our companions and clients at the heart of it. We have recently launched our 24/7 bookings support team, who will now watch all bookings in real-time, looking for any suspicious activity and reacting to companion and agency feedback. Our bookings team have already helped us to block a large number of spam and time-waster bookings. When possible, they are contacting new companions to offer help in starting up, and allowing direct communication should a companion need help to verify a client, or report any suspicious or unwelcome clients.

We are confident that the above will help us to quickly grow a large network of trusted clients, with more trust and safety for all. If you have any questions or need support, please get in touch.